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Pokemon Reports

Unova Pokedex 1: Snivy

Scientific Name: Anguem in Herba, Infant

Common Names: Snivy or Tsutarja

Snivy is one of three starter Pokemon of the Unova Region. Snivy is around a foot tall, and has a bipedial lizard physique. It's yellow collar of leaves seem not to be gathered from surrounding foliage, but to grow from the snake itself.

   However, unlike most plants, Snivy breathes through a pair of nostrils. This proves Snivy has lungs. This Pokemon does not have blood, though, and sustains itself through a combination of omnivorous diet and photosynthesis. This means Snivy has a network of the plant version of veins, xylem and phloem, filled with chlorophyl. To sustain the cardiovascular system, Snivy requires sunlight and a supply of carbon dioxide. They breath out oxygen, so it is healthy to keep a Snivy around, much like most plant-based Pokemon.

   Most people who look at a Snivy believe it is not a snake, though x-ray  shows that it's skeletal system is, in fact, serpentine. It seems to have no bones in its limbs, much like the tail of the Treeko. It also seems to be able to grow limbs back. Another factor involving Snivy's limbs is that they shrink as Snivy ages.

   Another factor is the tail. Some experiences show that a Snivy's tail is highly sensitive to both light and movement. This makes up for the fact Snivy has no actual ears, and can hear with the leaf on its tail. The leaf seems to be a symbol of energy, drooping when weak and stiffening when strong. The leaf also serves as a balance, for the legs have no visible feet.

   The demeanor of Snivy is quite accurate: Calm and cynically playful. Their attitude is often times a pain for trainers as Snivy can deem their trainer "unworthy" and simply leave. They are smart for the average Pokemon, and never panic. Facing a large enemy like a Tyrannitar isn't even able to discourage them the least.

   The mouth of Snivy is incapable of chewing or biting pieces off of food, so they prefer to eat anything they can swallow whole. If the food is larger than Snivy's mouth, it has the ability to unhinge its jaw. Oftentimes one meal for Snivy will suffice for around three days. A bulge can be seen in the belly of a Snivy during those days, and it is preferred to allow a Snivy to leave to activities such as sunbathing.

   The habitat of a Snivy in the wild is likely a jungle, forest, or any place with much plant life. This allows decent nutrition and high evasiveness due to coloring. Their natural habitat in the foliage allows the Snivy a large span of Pokemon to have its kin with. Snivy are rare in the wild, as their species is mostly male. There are some who find wild Snivy and gain more through breeding in the local Day Care. As such, Snivy are common pets, though extinct in the wild.

   They are the infants of their kind, so please take their gentle mentality into account and be patient with yours.

This is a report by Professor VocalMetroid.
Report No. 1: Snivy

My first Pokemon Report ever. Officially bringing me to Rank 1!

Hopefully my information will remain useful and make sense.

Pokemon is the intell property of Nintendo, as is the Metroid half of my name.
All information is my own studies.
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Oh-Ninja-Please Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice :D i love the report especially the scientific detailing and the inclusion of the particular traits of that pokemon in comparison to other similar types, one thing though, please choose a tree name to sign off as. Prof VocalMetroid doesnt really work when your colleagues are things such as wormwood, willow and Hawthorne haha :D simply for the sake of #PokemonProfessors, Please change it in your pp application too :D
TheLovelyVocal Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very well, then. How's Professor Vocal sound?
Oh-Ninja-Please Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fits in much better thanks, sorry for the inconvenience :(
TheLovelyVocal Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's ok.
icytemporalist Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Intresting job Prof. V!
TheLovelyVocal Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice to hear that!
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